“Live at the Clermont Lounge” by Swank Sinatra out now!

Swank Sinatra surprised us by dropping a live album today (Just kidding, we knew.) It was recorded at Clermont Lounge on Halloween in 2013. They are offering it on a “pay what you want” basis, so download away and definitely share with your friends.

terriblesweaterparty copy

We are throwing our second annual “Terrible Sweater Party” December 12th. Bring a canned food item to benefit Atlanta Community Food Bank. We also have an awesome New Years Eve party brewing. More info on that soon.

B.D.R. Transmission: 10/6/14


We are throwing a HUGE Halloween shindig this year and we want you there!

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Members of The Joy Kills, Hermits of Suburbia, and Ganges Phalanges have joined forces this Halloween season to play tunes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Catch them all month!


Because we can’t get enough of Halloween, we are throwing an EAV Halloween Party on October 30th at Union. Can’t you tell this is our favorite holiday?