Terrible Sweater Party 2015: 3rd Annual Holiday Charity Event.

sweaterparty15final copy

We are very happy to announce our 3rd Annual “Terrible Sweater Party” featuring music, booze, and a canned food drive that benefits The Atlanta Community Food Bank. Mark your calendars for December 18th.


Twin Criminal is releasing their debut EP on that same day. Check out the pre-order page and listen to their single “Vandals” now!

B.D.R Transmission: 11/3/15


Thanks so much to everyone who celebrated Halloween at either of our events over the weekend! We had no idea what to expect at all. Way to kick ass.

We have a release from Twin Criminal in the works. Check out their leaked single and stand-by for their EP on December 18th, just in time for our 3rd Annual Terrible Sweater Party.