B.D.R Transmission: 4/7/16

Doesin just did a session with Smallanta. Check it out.

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Clibber Jones Ensemble is playing this Saturday at Eyedrum art gallery. Be sure to catch them.

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Swank Sinatra is playing the 40 Watt Club in Athens April 22nd. Be sure to catch all these awesome shows and more on our calendar. New releases in the works. Stay tuned!

B.D.R Transmission: 3/21/16

We have been hard at work lately spreading the B.D.R word. Doesin was interviewed by Smallanta, check it out!


They are also currently recording at Fort Karate with Randy Garcia of Swank Sinatra! Stay tuned for their new stuff.

CHEW (members of Swank Sinatra, DAMS, and Giant Colors) are currently on the road and just played SXSW 2016. Check out the footage HERE.

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Be sure to check out the calendar for all the awesome shows we have coming up, here’s an example!

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Stay Tuned!

B.D.R Transmission: 3/8/16

Thanks to everyone who came to our show with Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen last week. It was amazing!

Be sure to check the calendar to see where the B.D.R family is going to be.

Cissy (formerly The Joy Kills) have released a series of demos. Immersive Atlanta was awesome enough to write about it. Check it out HERE.

More to come soon, Blood Drunk Records is making another trip to SXSW this year so be on the look out for us in Austin.